Impove Your Company's Safety Awareness, Communication and Logistics

Your Solution For An Accident Free Work Place!

The Safety Navigator Features

The Safety Navigator Management

Complete Safety Awareness Management

Create and Review View Safety Reports From Your own Customizable Web Site

Create Safety Awareness Alerts along with Safety Diary Reminders and Document Attachments

Historical Safety Details Provide Valuable Analytical Data For Safety Analysis Prevention

The Safety Navigator Exception Management Safety Documentation Exception Management

Proper Documentation and Reporting helps keep your organization within Regulatory Compliance

Identify Outstanding Safety Exceptions at a Glance

The Safety Navigator Exception Management Safety Alert and Documentation Management

Safety Alert Review provides clear history of interactions in safety objectives to provide valuable protection against potential standards violations

Measure your safety officers performance and effectiveness with our safety alert review check-off system

The Safety Navigator Collabrorative Platform Collabrorative Team Safety Communication Platform

Create Safety Awareness Alerts, Safety Incident Reports and Safety Reminders in a shared environment to promote a highly team oriented work place safety awareness

Establish and Maintain a more effective safety communication work flow between you and your staff

The Safety Navigator Mobile Job Management Mobile Safety Job Management Dashboard

Intuitive Graphical Dashboard Provides Clear Consise Visual of Your Safety Exposure and Risk at a Glance

On-Line Safety Information Query allows for convienient access to critical job safety information

Safety Query and Report Generation and Data Export gives your Job Information Complete Portability to Integrate into your Reporting Needs

Safety Processing Work Flow Reports allow you to focus in on inefficient processes or impediments to prevent potential accidents

The Safety Navigator 3 Lock Box Security(tm) Triple Layer Network Security

With The Safety Navigator's exclusive “3 Lock Box Security” your Data is Safe and Protected

Web, Application and Data Server Tiers Each Require Unique Authentication For Every User Request

Secured Socket Layer (SSL) along with Custom Encryption of Sensitive Data Provides the Highest Level of Protection of Your Valuable Information

The Safety Navigator Work Flow Activity Management Accumulated Historical Safety Analytical Data

From the First Day that you start using The Safety Navigator you will be collecting highly valuable historical data

Identify Trends and Performance Information about your institution, customers, safety work flow as well as your team work place safety

The Safety Navigator Work Flow Activity Management Real Time Reporting

Generate Customizable Reports For managing your Job Safety

Export Active Safety Job Information to PDF, Excel, Word and more

The Safety Navigator System Infrastructure Web-Based Solution that is easily deployed with zero desktop installs

The Safety Navigator is offered as a Software as a Service offered as a subscription service

You can be up and running and leveraging the advantages of The Safety Navigator in a matter days

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